Jared S. Murray

My current research interests are in developing flexible Bayesian models for heterogenous and structured data, with applications to causal inference, record linkage, multiple imputation for missing data, and latent variable modeling.


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Technical Reports

1.  Hahn, P. R., V. Dorie, and J. S. Murray (2019). Atlantic Causal Inference Conference (ACIC) Data Analysis Challenge 2017. arXiv: 1905.09515 [stat.ME].

2.  McVeigh*, B. S. and J. S. Murray (2017a). Practical Bayesian Inference for Record Linkage. arXiv: 1710.10558 [stat.ME].


Murray, J. S. (2013). Some Recent Advances in Non- and Semiparametric Bayesian Modeling with Copulas, Mixtures, and Latent Variables